What if the One Thing You Needed is the One Thing You Keep Hiding

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, a business partner or a client; it’s human nature to judge and compare ourselves to others. This affects how we view our success as well as how we look and feel about

In my study of how image affects our well-being, I discovered that 97% of us feel “not good enough.”

A lot of profile systems have been developed over the years that help people get more clear about who they are and they’re strengths. The intention of these profile systems is a step in the right direction. Yet I still have clients who, after going through some of these profiles, come to me struggling with low confidence and insecurity.

What if you were following a profile pattern that you actually developed as a result of the work environment you were in? What if many of your behaviors are more of a survival instinct to simply fit in? And what if the
one thing that would really empower you and make you feel really good about yourself is the one thing you keep hiding?

It’s my belief that no two people were put on this earth to be alike. Yet we try to imitate a look we see on someone else, or we try to emulate how someone else acts. “Fake it till you make it” is not the answer. We can see straight through a person who’s inauthentic.

I believe that the one thing you need to have the breakout career you desire or the fulfilling relationships you long for is to align with your authentic core energy.

Your core energy is different from a learned personality. Your core energy is your innate qualities and natural behaviors that come out when you don’t even think about it. It’s your most authentic way of being, and it’s effortless.

To align with your core energy, you first need to understand your personal energy profile. And once you understand yourself more clearly, you can discover what looks best on you. No more comparing or feeling insecure about who you are or how you look. No more following trends that don’t work for you once you learn how to dress authentically with your personal core energy.

If you’d like assistance understanding your personal core energy and style, I’m here to help.

Photo courtesy of Flickr use Gabriela Pinto

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