Tapping Into Your Secret Sauce

I have a client who started with a new company as a consultant—the only female out of 40 consultants. She told me she was concerned about being seen as less powerful and wondered if she should act more like the men—assertive and commanding. 

When women are working in a male-dominated world, it can sometimes feel as though they need to compete with men or try to act like them in order to get respect. I advised her to stay true to herself. We each have our own “secret sauce.” Hers is relating well with others, being friendly and establishing open communication. I also told her to keep her feminine style while still dressing conservatively for business.

She took my advice and after a few months, she began getting kudos for her leadership style by her team. It was not long before the CEO began acknowledging her. After giving her company a qualified lead for one of their projects, the CEO said, “When I met you, you were wearing a pair of blue suede shoes. Go out and buy yourself a pair of red suede shoes and charge it to the company expense.” 

Now that’s what I call letting your Secret Sauce work for you! 

Being in alignment with who you are trumps everything. You have more clarity, you are more in sync, and you feel good. When you have all that going for you, good things happen. But somewhere between the ages of 9-15, girls lose who they are. They lose who they want to be and they focus more on what society wants. Even if you are raised that you can do it all, as women, we are largely hardwired to hold back.

When we fully express who we are, we are said to be “full of power.” I like the way renowned psychologist Erich Fromm puts it: “The main task in life is to give birth to our self to become what we actually are.”

I believe that task is the essential challenge facing women today. It is each woman becoming who she is meant to be, which allows her to improve her circumstances, follow her calling and make the world a better place.

And that is why I am starting the “Love the Way You Look Series.” This series is all about your Secret Sauce. 

Usually I only do one or two big workshops a year. They take 2 full days and everyone looks amazing as they make big shifts in their lives affecting them personally and professionally. The value of that 2-day intensive workshop is over $1,000, and well worth the investment.

This time I have decided to do something different to make it easier for you to make yourself number one. I realize it is sometimes hard to commit to 2 full days. And that kind of investment affects your pocketbook a little more.

So from October to January, I am going to be giving a series of half-day workshops called the “Love the Way You Look Series.”

This series will begin Oct 28 and run through Jan. 27. Once a month, there will be a half-day workshop. Each one will build on the previous one.

Saturday, Oct. 28 “The Business of You” 

We often do not think of ourselves as a Business, but you should. You should put the same kind of energy and focus on yourself as you do your business. People do not buy what you sell or what you do. They buy YOU! You need to work harder on the brand of yourself than the brand of your product. Just focusing on your product—or the services you offer people—will only get you so far. 

People want to know, “Can I trust you with my money?” I am offering you a shortcut to answer that question. In “The Business of You” workshop, we get into the nitty gritty of who you really are, with all your quirks, imperfections and wonderful gifts. This is as authentic as it gets. But don’t be afraid. IT WORKS!!!!

Here’s what you will learn in this Half Day Intensive:

  • Discover your Core Energy and feel empowered as the person you were meant to be.
  • Learn how to type the Energy of your friends, family and coworkers and enjoy healthier, happier relationships.
  • Discover this One Thing to immediately take 10 years off your look: Your Power Colors
  • Receive a Customized Color Guide that you can take with you shopping.
  • Discover Your New Black! For some, black can make you look older and too serious. Find out your best neutrals and slimming colors.

This Half-Day Intensive will go from 1-4:30 p.m.  The dates of the next 3 workshops will be:

Saturday, Nov. 18 “Awaken Your Femininity”

Discover your unique design lines and the styles that compliment your Core Energy

Saturday, Dec. 2 “Your Secret Sauce: Accessories”

Discover how to add to your Secret Sauce with accessories. Includes all kinds of jewelry, handbags, eyeglasses, scarves, shoes, hats

Saturday, Jan. 27 “The Salon Experience”

This is the day you get to play with hair and makeup. 

  • Learn the right colors of makeup for your Energy. 
  • Learn anti-aging techniques to enhance your look. 

Hair stylist Kristy Hall will help with hairstyles and the best hair color for your Energy. Clients have told me this part was the most enjoyable of their transformation experience. This 4-workshop series has been hugely discounted. The full 2-day workshop is over $1,000.

Now, for only $147, you can start your transformation.

Are you ready to go from self-judgment to self-empowerment

Loving who you are, being authentically you, and loving the way you look is the most empowering way for you to live.

It’s all so clear to me now. I never really understood who I was before, or what my style was. The first thing Kay did was help me discover my Core Energy…. People are amazed at the change in me! I can’t believe how old and fat I used to look because I was wearing the wrong styles and colors based on what another image consultant had told me. I highly recommend Kay to anyone wanting to improve their image and have more presence.

Now is the time for a better you, a new you, before we ring in 2018.

I’m so looking forward to your transformation!


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    Do you ever come to Utah to do seminars? I would love to attend. I have moved away from California.

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