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Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

Our fluctuating temperatures are a sure sign it’s spring! If you’re like me, you get the urge to clean out your closets this time of year. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make it more efficient and easy while leaving you with a sense of what you really need to purchase for your wardrobe. You’ll... Read More ➝


It’s January 2018!

I often hear people talking about making New Year’s resolutions, and they are usually the same ones they made in previous years but somehow they didn’t stick. So my recommendation is to stop saying, “This is the year,” and just BE THE CHANGE.

You see, whenever we talk about doing something we actually lose... Read More ➝

Tapping Into Your Secret Sauce

I have a client who started with a new company as a consultant—the only female out of 40 consultants. She told me she was concerned about being seen as less powerful and wondered if she should act more like the men—assertive and commanding. 

When women are working in a male-dominated world, it can sometimes feel as... Read More ➝