“Kay Smith Rocks!  After consulting with her, I learned more about myself, my energy and the clothes that bring out the best in me.  As a speaker and entertainer it is very important to me to put out the right message and vibe.  Kay has definitely helped me build my confidence and brought out the best version of myself. I highly recommend anyone who wants the same results to work with Kay.”

– Wayne Lee, Peak Performance Expert and Award-Winning Entertainer

“Kay Smith is phenomenal in every way.  If you are looking for tips on presenting yourself to create more engagement, a corporation looking to teach their employees about how to present themselves, or anyone who wants to learn not only about image, dressing and energy, but how all of those elements together create influence, get with Kay.  She’s very personable and when you spend time with her, you will understand exactly how the principles she presents generate happy, engaged individuals.”

– Wilene Dunn, Owner of WCD Enterprise