It’s January 2018!

I often hear people talking about making New Year’s resolutions, and they are usually the same ones they made in previous years but somehow they didn’t stick. So my recommendation is to stop saying, “This is the year,” and just BE THE CHANGE.

You see, whenever we talk about doing something we actually lose energy on that thing we so desperately want. We give the energy away to whoever we talk to about it. It becomes more hoping something will happen instead of actually doing and achieving.

When you keep your focus and goals to yourself, you have more inner drive and determination without watering it down with other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Or, do you find you don’t have any drive and determination so soon after the holidays? I can relate. I caught a winter cold going around, so hibernating for the month of January sounds really nice right now. Then I remembered an old Feng Shui tradition that helps to bring in new energy. If you’re not familiar with Feng Shui, it is an Oriental art of placement and moving furniture to create good energy flow. However, decluttering is the first order of business before moving any furniture.

Decluttering also works like a charm to breathe new life into an office or home and will get the juices flowing again. When we let go of the old, it is like telling the Universe, “I know you have my back, so I’m going to let go and trust there’s something better on its way for me.”

So, if you’re really ready to make a CHANGE this year and you want a fresh start in any area of your life, try this technique:

Each day for 9 days in a row give away, throw away or somehow eliminate from your home or office 27 items—that’s right, 27 items a day for 9 days.

These items can be clothes that have been in your closet for years in case you get back to whatever size you used to be, or clothes that haven’t been in style for the past five years. What about those shoes you keep for some special occasion and you haven’t worn in 10 years? Old sneakers, boots no longer in style, uncomfortable stilettos….

And don’t forget to check your cosmetics drawer. You probably have items you didn’t even know you had: dried out mascaras, worn out brushes, lipsticks you will never wear….

Here are the guidelines

  • Once you start, you have to let go of at least 27 items a day. If you skip a day you have to start over, because the energy is cumulative.
  • If you’re not sure about an item ask, “Does this represent the ‘me’ as I see my ideal self in the future?”
  • Get rid of old books, CDs that no longer speak to you.
  • Get rid of old vitamins and dispose of old medicines.
  • Get rid of broken appliances that you know you will never get fixed.
  • Give away anything that holds an unpleasant memory or binds you to the past.

As you let go, thank the item for its previous usefulness and say goodbye to it with gratitude in your heart.

After the nine days, take one final look around and see if what is left represents who you are now and who you intend to be in the future.

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

When you let go of the items throughout your home that carry old energy, more appropriate things will come in. You will also notice a much greater ease when letting go of old ideas, feelings, positions, relationships or anything that no longer serves you.

I’d love to hear your comments about how this worked for you.

May you have a healthy, prosperous, fun-filled 2018!


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